Image of myself
I am Patrick Hener, a IT Security Consultant and hobby programmer, as well as Linux enthusiast in Stuttgart, Germany. >> Full Curriculum Vitae (CV)


  • Learning new things/technologies
  • Playing darts

I am eager for learning new things. In combination with the love I share for playing darts this inevitably led to the desire to automate certain tasks while playing.

This was the main reason I started several projects which aim to either tracking darts scoring whilst playing or to support recognition of the darts being thrown to a board.

In addition, as I work as an IT Security Consultant and Pentester (a.k.a. Hacker), I love using script languages for almost every automation task.

Therefore I want to share little bits and bytes from time to time you might benefit from.

Also for a general information: this blog was built using Hexo, which is both easy to use and highly flexible.